Tecolote_ArtworkWhen Alice and Bill Jennison first opened Tecolote Cafe on June 2, 1980, their mission was to serve excellent food at a reasonable price, while making one feel at home. Over three decades later the family still strives for these qualities.

We lost Bill in May of 2010 and Alice in December of 2012.  Their daughter Katie and her husband Matt took the reins, knowing they had some big shoes to fill.  Between them and a crew of amazing people, they do so with pride.

“Tecolote” is the Nahuatl (Aztec) word for “owl.”  Actually, Bill named the cafe after the town and not the bird.  When Bill first moved to Northern New Mexico, he was enchanted by that all but deserted village along the railroad tracks about ten miles south of Las Vegas, NM.

The owl has represented different things to different people over the millennia.  Every owl you see here has been gifted to us by customers and employees over the years. Our owl reminds us of the work Bill and Alice did to connect with their customers and their community.  We look forward to continuing that connection. So, from the next generation of Tecolote, we look forward to serving you and yours.

Matt, Katie, and the Tecolote Family